1st September 2016

12:00 pm
Conference Registration @ Sheffield Hallum University - Heartspace
6:00 pm
IFCO Opening ceremony - Pennine Lecture Theatre

2nd September 2016

9:00 am
Welcome - Pennine Lecture Theatre
Get2KnowU - Youth Programme [Owen 1036]
9:15 am
Money, Influence & Mindsets: How the EU can be a positive force for change in children’s lives - Pennine Lecture Theatre
10:00 am
Ten years since the launch of the childcare reform in the Republic of Moldova: Commitments, results and lessons learned - Pennine Lecture Theatre
10:30 am
Refreshment Break - Heartspace Atrium
11:00 am
Developing From Care to Work - Pennine Lecture Theatre
'Demonstrating Impact' working in Partnership for service relevant research into Care Leavers and Higher Education - Workshop Session 1 [Owen 920]
About Solidarity - Workshop Session 2 [Owen 922]
Working in partnership to improve educational outcomes for children in care; care leavers and those adopted from care. - Workshop Session 3 [Owen 943]
Challenges and Opportunities to Fostering in the 21st Century - Workshop Session 4 [Owen 1024]
How quality pathway planning can contribute to improving outcomes for care leavers in staying put placements - Workshop Session 5 [Owen 1039]
Lessons from an evaluation of specialist foster care for children at risk or victims of child sexual exploitation and/or trafficking - Workshop Session 6 [Owen 1032]
The Rees Panel Project- The value of care experienced panel members - Workshop Session 7 [Owen 1033]
Strengths-based practice- hope, resilience, and protective factors. - Workshop Session 8 [Owen 1034]
Supporting education and well-being in care - Workshop Session 9 [Owen 1031]
Get2KnowUs - Youth Programme [Owen 1036]
11:45 am
How the ‘Co-operative’ model of foster care delivery can produce outstanding results in education and placement stability for children and young people - Pennine Lecture Theatre
12:30 pm
Lunch - Heartspace Atrium
2:00 pm
How can Higher Education Providers (HEP) work in partnership to support Looked after Children aspire to and progress into Higher Education? - Pennine Lecture Theatre
Telling Your Story in a Good Way - Youth Programme [Owen 1036]
2:15 pm
National collaborative approach to raising educational aspirations (NNECL: England) - Pennine Lecture Theatre
2:30 pm
Foster carers as first educators: the role of foster carers in supporting young people in achieving formal and informal educational outcomes - Pennine Lecture Theatre
3:00 pm
The Lifelong Effects of Growing Up in Care: Issues and Research Agendas - Pennine Lecture Theatre
3:30 pm
Refreshment Break - Heartspace Atrium
4:00 pm
Reflecting on the psychological and multi-faceted needs on unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people. - Pennine Lecture Theatre
New Belongings - Listening to what young people want and realigning the services to what they need - Workshop Session 1 [Owen 920]
“Pathways for Personal Transformation and Identity search in the face of trauma” (Intervention and success with Youth Offenders and their Families) - Workshop Session 2 [Owen 922]
We don´t need no education!? - An intervention to improve foster children´s school performance in Finland - Workshop Session 3 [Owen 943]
The Trauma-Informed Method of Engagement (TIME) model for Youth Advocacy: Supporting Youth and Young Adults to Use Their Stories for Systems Change - Workshop Session 4 [Owen 1024]
How effective support for foster carers can help a young person - Workshop Session 5 [Owen 1039]
Engaging Consumers: Value and Validity - Workshop Session 6 [Owen 1032]
The Effect of Trauma on Education - Workshop Session 7 [Owen 1033]
Living With Strangers- Learning from Care Experience - Workshop Session 8 [Owen 1034]
Using Creative outlets to gain ownership of your Care Experience - Youth Programme [Owen 1036]
Youth Advocate to Advocate for Youth: The Next Transition - Youth Programme [Owen 1035]
5:30 pm
Free evening - Sheffield City

3rd September 2016

9:00 am
Conceptual Framework and Tools for Outcomes Monitoring System - Pennine Lecture Theatre
Careleavers Real Talk - Youth Programme [Owen 1036]
9:30 am
Foster care and the global guidelines on children's reintegration - Pennine Lecture Theatre
10:00 am
Participatory processes of Wellbeing: The Child in Out-of-home Care - Pennine Lecture Theatre
10:30 am
Refreshment Break - Heartspace Atrium
11:00 am
Improving the health and wellbeing of care leavers and the implications for fostering - Pennine Lecture Theatre
Online Learning and Transitioning Out of Care - Connecting with Youth Online - Workshop Session 1 [Owen 920]
Sexually harmful behaviour: Safe and secure. Focus on Foster Carers - the tale of two brothers… - Workshop Session 2 [Owen 922]
How to Be a Real Success - Workshop Session 3 [Owen 943]
Who Am I: Helping Children in Foster Care Develop Social Identity - Workshop Session 4 [Owen 1024]
Preventing Institutional Care of Young Children - Workshop Session 5 [Owen 1039]
Stepping into Possibilities - Workshop Session 6 [Owen 1032]
Effectively Engaging Foster Alumni - Workshop Session 7 [Owen 1033]
Caring with Vitality - introducing yoga and meditation to foster carers, and exploring the impact on the health and wellbeing of all household members. - Workshop Session 8 [Owen 1034]
Fostering Resilience: Me + Resilience = Success! - Youth Programme [Owen 1036]
What Helps What Harms: Improving AfterCare Around the World - Youth Programme [Owen 1035]
11:45 am
Collaboration between Research and Policy-making - Pennine Lecture Theatre
12:30 pm
Lunch - Heartspace Atrium
2:00 pm
IFCO AGM - Pennine Lecture Theatre
Youth Programme to join the Adult Programme - Youth Programme [Owen 1036]
2:30 pm
How widening definitions of child protection lead to more children in care, and how we can provide better support for parents and children - Pennine Lecture Theatre
3:00 pm
Building multi-sectoral systems for children in care, or at risk - Pennine Lecture Theatre
3:30 pm
Refreshment Break - Heartspace Atrium
4:00 pm
Building a Trauma-Informed System of Care in Child Welfare - Pennine Lecture Theatre
Effectively Engaging Alumni Perspectives - Workshop Session 1 [Owen 920]
The Care Experience: Building Resilience - Workshop Session 2 [Owen 922]
IFCO, Academia & Research: A discussion - Workshop Session 3 [Owen 943]
Parents' empowerment during parent and child placements in foster care - Workshop Session 4 [Owen 1024]
Understanding and responding to children in care who display sexually concerning behaviour - Workshop Session 5 [Owen 1039]
Revolution Events- the power of peer learning networks. - Workshop Session 6 [Owen 1032]
Does lack of truth telling destabilise a child’s life journey? - Workshop Session 7 [Owen 1033]
KEEP (Keeping foster and kinship carers supported and trained) : The Implementation and Outcome Story from England - Workshop Session 8 [Owen 1034]
What do YOUth want to say? - Youth Programme [Owen 1036]
7:00 pm
IFCO Gala Dinner - Hallum Hall

4th September 2016

9:00 am
Children of Foster Carers: Fostering and Trauma from a Birth Child’s Perspective - Pennine Lecture Theatre
What do YOUth want to say? Part 2 - Youth Programme [Owen 1036]
9:30 am
Fostering Resilience: An Exploration of the Link Between Resilience, Outcomes and Foster Care in Ireland - Pennine Lecture Theatre
10:00 am
Living With Strangers- Developing and delivering the voice of care experience - Pennine Lecture Theatre
10:30 am
Removing the Shame, and starting the healing - A personal insight and journey of the effects of Childhood Trauma - Pennine Lecture Theatre
10:45 am
IFCO Youth Programme Closing Ceremony - Youth Programme [Owen 1036]
11:00 am
Networking Event / Break - Heartspace Atrium
11:30 am
Break - Youth Programme [Owen 1036]
12:00 pm
IFCO Conference Closing Ceremony - Pennine Lecture Theatre


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